Book of Letters

For a friend's 30th birthday this year I decided to create a book of old childhood photographs, however while rummaging in the loft searching for pictures I stumbled across a box of old letters. The letters were from friends I'd moved away from when I was about eleven and I sat for ages reading through them, laughing until I cried about their latest crushes, school, boys at school, films they'd seen at the cinema, boys they'd seen at the cinema (can you see a theme emerging here?!). So I thought what would be a better memory than a book of letters to read/cringe through!?

I created the book with brown envelopes that I'd printed 80's and 90's imagery and illustrations onto, sewing them together and then binding them into a hard packaging envelope that rather handily converted into a cover. The final touches were collected and printed stamps and labels, and of course copies of the letters and photos.

(collection of awesome 80s/90s imagery used throughout the book, oh how I miss my Speak and Spell *sigh*)


The First Cut

It was lovely to be back in Manchester this weekend and great to get to The Manchester Art Gallery to see the Paper Cut exhibition. With work by artists such as Rob Ryan and Su Blackwell, The First Cut brings together the work of thirty-one international artists, all connected by one basic principle: a shared love of paper.

With beautiful hanging paper sculptures, huge paper cut outs and magical book art pieces the exhibition really made me want to get the old scalpels out again!

The exhibition is on until the end of January and well worth a visit!

Paper Cinema's Odyssey

Last week I saw the most amazing film at Warwick Arts Centre.

Based on Homer's Odyssey, puppeteers used beautiful 2D drawings with a range of creative storytelling techniques to tell the epic tale. In combination with a wonderful soundtrack played by ridiculously talented multi-instrumentalists (as well a sound effects!) the show was one of the most creatively original performances I've ever see and I urge you to see Paper Cinema if you ever get the chance!



A sky full of birds

Sketchbook work


Mark Making

Some recent sketchbook work involving a lots of messy mark making and sticking!